We have provided equity release and financial planning advice to many, many happy customers over the years. 

Here's what just a few of them have said about working with us... 
"I was interested in finding out more about equity release and found this firm online. I couldn't be happier with the service they provided. Ian was most helpful, friendly and explained things in a very easily understandable way. Once I decided to proceed, everything went really smoothly and my equity release went ahead with no hiccups or delays, and at a very competitive interest rate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ian and his company if you're thinking of of exploring this as an option." 
Jane G, Cheltenham 
"I found Ian Akeroyd to be very professional, friendly, informative and helpful in advising me on the most suitable options for me to raise funds to purchase a static caravan for my enjoyment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to my friends of family should they need financial advice relating to matters of a similar nature." 
Leonora Rozee, Cheltenham 
"Releasing equity from the home is an enormous decision. However, after speaking with Ian Akeroyd on several occasions, his patience, guidance and recommendation for what I was trying to achieve, resulted in a seamless, professional transaction. There was no pressure and he was always quick to respond to my questions - an excellent ambassador for this company, which I highly recommend." 
Sue Bentley, Cheltenham 
"Ian was extremely helpful and professional. We looked at a couple of other advisers offerings and felt very comfortable proceeding via Ian. The process went very smoothly and everything was made very clear. We would happily recommend Ian to others." 
Paul Taylor, Cheltenham 
"I went to all the major equity release companies. All failed. I found Renaissance and was immediately struck by the confidence from Ian. He was clear from day one that he could meet my requirements. His original plan was clear and we followed this exactly until success was reached on time. If you need success, contact Ian for a guaranteed happy conclusion!" 
Norman Harvey, Cheltenham 
"Ian Akeroyd has handled my equity release from my house. He has been very helpful and found me the best deal he could for my situation. I would recommend him if you need this type of help." 
Wendy Taylor, Cheltenham 
"Ian Akeroyd was extremely helpful, informative and friendly with absolutely no pressure. I would have no hesitation in recommending his great service." 
Martin Bartlett, Cheltenham 
"We were unsure if this was the route to take, but after speaking with Ian who explained in clear simple terms, making a decision became much easier and clearer for us. The process was surprisingly simple, professional, and very well managed. We couldn't get over how quickly the whole transition took from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who is thinking of taking this route in the future - you will be in safe hands." 
Anne & Terry Roberts, Cheltenham 
"My wife and I were impressed with the smooth transaction enabled by Ian. Thorough advice taking our circumstances into account and we were amazed by the quick process once we had decided. A true professional." 
Robert Sevier, Cheltenham 
"I never really realised what equity release was all about. When I enquired, Ian explained everything in easily understood terms, and deeper into the conversations he explained it all again in professional terms. He guided me through all that I needed to know and gave me the advice that I needed to make a decision without any pressure whatsoever. Ian steered the whole process and I didn't even need to set foot outside of my house; he arranged everything, and left me with no worries at all. It was all done speedily and professionally and I would definitely recommend him to all my friends, etc. Many thanks, it was a pleasure and I am now enjoying life that bit more." 
Phil Morrill, Cheltenham 

Case Study: Equity release saves family from repossession  

Philip Jenner, a retired 70-year-old from Quedgeley, Gloucestershire, was facing repossession of his three-bed family home due to recent mortgage rate increases, and had a 51-year-old wife and 11-year-old daughter to protect. 
Philip had taken out a mortgage with Barclays in 2010 and was struggling to make the repayments since January 2023, with an outstanding balance of £60,000. 
He had spent all his savings on acquiring the house and had no other financial support. At an interest rate of 6.77pc, his repayments were due to jump from £533 to £1,666 a month. This included a repayment plan to Taylor Wimpey, the developer, who he had fallen short on repayments for. 
Philip was keen to extend the term on the mortgage with Barclays to reduce the tripling payments, but Barclays informed him that he would have to buy out Taylor Wimpey first to do this. 
To make matters worse he was turned down by the main equity release brokers. However, he was then put in touch with 55Plus adviser, Ian Akeroyd, who completed the equity release plan in July this year. 
A total of £65,000 was released, paying off the remaining interest with Barclays, allowing Mr Jenner to be free of mortgage payments and remain in the family home. 
Like all plans that meet the Equity Release Council’s standards, Philip’s allows him to make penalty free repayments so he can keep on top of the interest and even pay down the original loan. 
Philip said: “I feel the banks are not pulling their weight to help with the mortgage rate crisis. I know they’re not charities, but some support would have been appreciated. I was in tears on many occasion and could not see a way forward.” 
“There are many like me, who have found themselves in a difficult position, with many brokers turning us down due to being in complicated situations. I was very lucky to have found Ian Akeroyd at 55Plus, who spent considerable time working out what was best suited in my circumstances,” he added. 
If you think that, like these clients, you might want to take advantage of a Lifetime Mortgage, then please call us on 01242 303 213 for a free, no-obligation initial discussion. 
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