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Making sure you get the best advice 

Choosing the right company to help you release money from your home is important. 
By working with an independent adviser like us, you ensure you are getting the best advice, as we offer lenders and products from the whole of the market. We are not tied to any lenders or panels of lenders. We look at all of the lenders and available products, to ensure we get the best deal for you. 
Different lenders have different product offerings with different features and benefits. The only way to be sure that you are getting the product closest to meeting all your requirements is to deal with a whole of market adviser like Renaissance Finance. 
We pride ourselves on always giving great service, and maintain a reputation for offering Lifetime Mortgages from the whole of market. 

Equity Release Calculator 

Find out how much you can release  

The calculator below enables you to get an idea of what may be available based on your age and property value. This is, however, a basic calculation and only an indication of the offer. 
Please remember: if you are a couple, use the youngest age in the calculator. 

All the Lifetime Mortgages we recommend are from lenders approved by the Equity Release Council 

We only recommend lenders approved by the Equity Release Council. This means we are unbiased and work for you and you alone. You are our client, not the lender. 
Choosing a plan recommended by us means: 
We have worked together to establish your needs and suitability for equity release 
We will look at all of your options, including alternatives such as Retirement Interest Only mortgages, downsizing, financial help from family, etc. 
We will have considered all the features, benefits and potential drawbacks of the options available to you 
We will typically recommend the ‘lowest cost to borrow plan’, unless you have specific requirements or features from other plans 
If you have surplus income, we will work with you to determine whether making payments back to the lender could mitigate the effects of compound interest, although monthly payments are not required 
You will still own 100% of your home 
All money released is tax-free 
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The flexible features of a Lifetime Mortgage 

There are many features available with a Lifetime Mortgage. It is our job as advisers to establish your needs, learn more about you and your objectives, attitudes and perspectives to raising funds.  
Everyone is different. It is very likely that there will be a product suitable for your personal circumstances, but we need to understand you first in order to make the right recommendation. 
Examples of features can include: 
Lump Sum or Drawdown, based on when you want to fund particular objectives 
The option to make voluntary payments towards the interest, whether partial or in full 
Inheritance guarantees - 'ring fence' a portion of your home's value as a guaranteed inheritance 
Taking the mortgage to a new property, subject to criteria, if you decide you would like to move 
The choice to receive your released equity as a defined income over a period of time 
By looking at the whole of market with hundreds of plans available from the different lenders, we can help you tailor your equity release to suit you and meet your objectives in later life. 

Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage 

The youngest homeowner must be aged 55+ 
Your home must be located in the UK and worth at least £70,000 
You must want to release at least £10,000 
If you can answer 'yes' to these 3 questions, simply get in touch with us today to arrange a FREE, initial no-obligation appointment with one of our fully qualified advisors. We are happy to do this over the phone, by video call or face-to-face, it's totally up to you. 

'No-Negative-Equity' Guarantee 

Here at Renaissance Finance, you will benefit from what is known as the 'no-negative equity' guarantee. This is a guarantee given by all lenders who are members of the Equity Release Council. It ensures that if the amount you owe after you die or enter long-term care is more than your home's value, the excess will be completely written off. 

How Much Can I Release? 

We can use our instant equity release calculator to see how much money you could unlock. 
Want to talk about what you can spend it on? Give us a call: 
We're here to help! 
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